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John Bengston is a software developer from the UK who is working on an assignment for a customer of Synergize.

Can you tell us about your assignment?

“I am located at BD Kiestra in Drachten where I operate as a Delphi software engineer as part of a team. We are developing laboratory automation equipment. We maintain the software that runs that laboratory automation.”

“The assignment is very interesting, I am working with nice and qualified people. I started with a 3 month contract but I am working for 1,5 year now on this project. The first 6 months I stayed in a hotel. But once it was clear that my assignment would be extended, I looked for an apartment and I pretty much live here right now. Occasionally I go back to the UK. The key difference between the assignments I have taken in the UK and this assignment at BD Kiestra is that it is funny and  more relaxed here even when the pressure is really rising.”

“Do I love the Netherlands? Yes, it’s a nice place to work and I find it less windy and a bit sunnier than the UK. You can absolutely call me again for a new assignment. I will certainly take it.”


“You can absolutely call me again for a new assignment”


What do you like about working with Synergize?

“Ultimately the politeness and professionalism. And I have no problems with payments. I have a lot of interaction with Synergize, they brought me a nice Christmas gift and took me out for lunch with other Synergize freelancers. Synergize is the best agency which I have ever worked with.”

“I recommend Synergize to other freelancers. Working with Synergize is good!”


“Synergize is the best agency which I have ever worked with”


Can you describe Synergize in a few words?

“Synergize is polite, professional and efficient.”

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